RPG Saints Sketchbook by Wayne Reynolds

Artist Wayne Reynolds partners with Handiwork Games to make RPG Saints Sketchbook

Fans of renowned fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds will have followed his year long project to draw Christian saints in the style of RPG characters. Wayne has been regularly sharing his beautiful drawings on social media, and they’re a regular feature of his social media presence.

These drawings are now to be collected into a gorgeous hardcover sketchbook, produced in partnership with Handiwork Games.

Wayne said: “The popularity of this personal project was unexpected that I felt these sketches needed to be collected into one book. I like Handiwork Games because they are so awesome”.

Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games said: “Who doesn’t love Wayne’s drawings? They’re incredible, unique pieces of art, and it’s a huge honour to work with Wayne to make this much-requested book a reality”.

Late pledges are now closed, and we’re printing the books right now. They will now be exclusively available from our retailer backers. Handiwork Games is one retailer backer, so we will have a small stock available to purchase later this year.

About Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds is a freelance illustrator with 30 years of experience contributing artwork to the publishing industry. His work has appeared in role-playing games, collectable card games, board games and miniature designs. He has contributed cover art and internal illustrations for comics, novels and historical reference books.


About Handiwork Games

Based in Scotland UK, and established in 2019, Handiwork Games is the publisher of BEOWULF Age of Heroes, a|state Second edition, The Silver Road, Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland and more. Known for their high end approach to visuals and production quality, their team boasts some of the most talented creatives working in the field.