Winter Battle Mat 36″ Gridded


36-inch square, neoprene battle mat, featuring a winter landscape and a one-inch grid.

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Whether you’re fighting a war, wandering through the wilderness, or facing orcs in a deadly skirmish, this 36-inch square neoprene battle mat will make sure that you – and your players – keep watching the table.

Featuring the landscape art of Jon Hodgson, this map is divided into one-inch squares making it easy for you to deploy your forces and move your characters (and your bad guys) to exactly where you need them to be.

And, once the battle is over, you can brush it off, roll it up and take it home – all ready for another muster.

Our battle mats offer:

  • Rubber-based neoprene ‘mousemat’ material
  • Simple to roll up, unroll perfectly flat
  • Smooth dice rolls and model movement
  • Spillproof, easy to clean
  • No logo/brand name, just art

This mat features the crisp, blue hues of winter, and teams perfectly with our Tumbling Broch Snow Dice Tray!

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Dimensions 91.44 × 91.44 × 0.2 cm