Ungridded 36″ Spring Mat and Dice Tray Bundle


Get a battlemap and matching dice tray!

Spring Battle Mat 36" Ungridded

36-inch square, neoprene battle mat, featuring a spring landscape.

4 in stock

Rocky Narrows Square Dice Tray

A large snappable, folding dice tray, featuring the art of Jon Hodgson.

2 in stock

2 in stock


There’s no better escape than gaming – and here at Handiwork, we understand the need to lay down your laptop, pick up your backpack, and go off adventuring.

Campsites and woodland trails, caverns and hillforts and moorlands, oh my – it’s all about the getaway.

And now, you can lose yourself in the wilds or the depths with one of our fantastic battle mat and dice tray bundles. Featuring Jon Hodgson’s gorgeous artwork, these matched sets keep your gaze on the tabletop and your dice under control. Player or games master, guest or regular, treasure your escape with Handiwork Games!