PRE-ORDER: Jon Hodgson Map Tiles: Ungridded Extra Detail Map Tile Set


One set of 30 Extra Detail Map Tiles, without grid.

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Please note this is a pre-order! Tiles sets and digital files are anticipated for delivery in October 2019. This pre-order is available until  30th August 2019.

One set of 30 Ungridded Extra Detail Map Tiles. These tiles provide objectives and locations for the other Map Tiles sets, featuring flooded chambers, standing stones, a riverbank and islands, cavern entrances, a dungeon… restroom (!) and much much more!


Supplied in sets of 30 tiles, Jon Hodgson’s double-sided, card-stock map tile sets will fit in a coat pocket and won’t break the bank.

The art is all hand-made using digital painting programs rather than 3d renders, so everything has a nice handmade feel that blends right in with painted miniatures.

They’re six inches square –  It’s a great balance of flexibility, allowing you to build very different encounter maps from a few tiles, with extreme portability. 210 tiles will fit in your bag with ease and allow endless set-ups on the fly.

  • 30 tiles per set, 210 tiles in total
  • Full colour
  • Double-sided
  • Printed on 270gsm card-stock, like playing cards
  • Highly connectable within each set
  • 6 inches square
  • Without grid
  • Printed in the US
  • Free digital files of the map set included