Jon Hodgson Map Tiles: Ungridded Linking Tile Set No. 1


One set of 30 Linking Map Tiles, without grid.

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Expand your adventure when you link one type of tile to another! This set allows you to take your party across the borders and into explorations anew.

  • Forest to Mountain Pass
  • Forest to Heathland to Cavern
  • Heathland to Cavern to Mountain Pass
  • Heathland to Mountain Pass
  • Forest to Mountain Pass
  • Heathland to Forest
  • Can also link between three sets

Check out our Ungridded Linking Tile Set No. 2 for even more possibilities and connections!

By Jon Hodgson, all art is hand-made using digital painting programs rather than 3D renders, so your dungeon backdrop has a wonderful, handmade feel that will blend right in with your painted miniatures.

Each tile is six inches (15cm) square, giving you enormous flexibility – you can build very different encounter maps every time you play a game, or find a new location. And the tiles will fit in your bag or pocket with ease, so you can take them anywhere!

  • 30 tiles per set
  • Full-colour
  • Double-sided
  • Printed on 270gsm card-stock, like playing cards
  • Highly connectable within each set
  • Printed in the US and the UK
  • Free digital files included

About Digital Files

We supply free digital files with each set of map tiles. These are .JPG files, without the grid, as they’re intended for use on Virtual Table Tops, which generally add their own. We also supply these as ‘fuzzy-edged’ .PNG files, which allow you to digitally piece them together, constructing larger maps with less obvious joins.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be able to download your free files to your DriveThruRPG library. Our confirmation email will take you through the details.

Please note: these files are supplied at 120dpi resolution, on-screen. They are not suitable for printing, professionally or at home.


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