KING BEOWULF Development Journal (2)


KING BEOWULF is a major expansion for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes that provides resources for higher level play, including a realm management system that allows your Hero to become the ruler of their own land, manage events that occur in their realm, and negotiate or wage war with other rival realms.

Jacob back again, with another development blog. I’m still working on the warfare development journal but wanted to spend a little time today talking about our new monsters.

As mentioned, KING BEOWULF expands the options for higher level Heroes and that means new foes for your Hero to face. And they are a higher challenge than the ones in Age of Heroes, an average rating of CR 9 across the 16 different monsters, with the Mountain Dragon being an impressive CR 20 and the Dire Goblingas war party (more on that in a moment) lower the average a bit at CR 2.

War parties are a new kind of monster we’re introducing in KING BEOWULF. As you can imagine, your Hero is likely to face a number of opponents in a combat and that can get a bit hairy if you’re managing a whole bunch of monsters in a fight. Somewhat like swarms, war parties allow you to consolidate a number of opponents into a single entity. Like some high level rogues, they can take two turns in a round and have a higher armour class as they can help defend as a unit instead of individuals. They also tend to hit harder, with multiple attacks per action.

We also expand on some of the categories given in Age of Heroes. We have three new kinds of dragons, three example giants, and two new undead in addition to our war parties. And, of course, each of these monsters come with gifts and burdens that allow you to customise an opponent so your Hero(es) never know(s) what to expect!

In our next scheduled development journal we will talk about warfare, the crowfield, units and the muster lists. Soon!